The Birth of a Dream

Hello friends,

In commemoration of the launch of my debut novel Known, I thought I would tell the story of how this book came to be. I have always been an avid reader and am one of those people who can disappear into a good book for hours on end. To go along with that I have always been intrigued by the lifestyle of a writer and the thought of heading out to a coffee shop to write or spending the weekend out of town just me and my laptop sent little trills of longing through me. This dream, however, seemed unattainable because I hadn’t grown up writing and didn’t think that I had what it took to write a full length novel, so instead I would satiate the desire by making up stories in my head as I fell asleep at night.

Then one fateful Thursday morning last year I woke up from a vivid dream. Lying in bed, I continued the story in my head I decided that I wanted to write it down so I wouldn’t forget it and before I knew it I was immersed in the story as the characters took on a life of their own. In secret I wrote, amazed by how much I enjoyed the process of it, the characters became like friends in my mind and I realized that writing was like reading a really enjoyable book, only better, because the story wasn’t over in a few days.

Within a month of starting I finished my first full length novel, but believe it or not, that book wasn’t Known. As I was reading through that book I came up with the idea for Known and started writing my second novel before even finishing the read through of my first.

Known came to me quickly and I would find myself typing as fast as I could just to keep up with the story developing in my head. One of the things I enjoyed the most when writing Known was the way the characters created themselves. I would expect them to act one way only to find as I wrote out the scene that they would respond differently than I had originally intended, creating a more interesting story than the one I had originally considered.

One month later I wrote the last sentence of my second novel and as I read through it I couldn’t help feeling that this would be a book that I would have been excited to read even if I hadn’t written it. With that in mind, I uploaded the unedited version to the kindle that we were giving my sister for Christmas thinking that it would just be a fun way to personalize the gift.

I wanted my sister to love the book but braced myself for a polite letdown. Because of this I was somewhat amazed when she said that it was really good and thought that others would enjoy it as well. She presented me with the idea of self publishing the novel but I wasn’t sure at first if I had the courage to do it. I wasn’t confident that I had the credibility to sell a book that I had written. Through the encouragement of my sister and mom I realized that if I could face my fears of failure then I actually had the chance of achieving my long standing and secret dream. If I never tried I would never fail and that felt safe, but what was the fun in that? I decided that I wouldn’t live a life dictated by my insecurities and told my sister that I would like to try and self publish the book.

Over the next year my mom, sister and I edited and re-edited the book and when we were done my amazing tech savvy and graphic designing sister created a beautiful cover and website along with setting up everything involved with publishing in both e-book and printed format.

I sit here tonight in awe of what is happening. My family saw a potential in my book that I was too scared to pursue on my own, and thanks to all the work that they have invested in my dream I stand before you humbled yet excited by the prospect of sharing my story with the world. Thank you for being a part of my dream and for helping me to create something that I never realized was an actual possibility for me. Please enjoy my book, tell your friends about it, and if you like it, positive reviews at the place of purchase are always welcome. From what I understand, this is the best possible way to get potential readers to take a chance on an unknown author and her debut novel.

Humbly and gratefully known by you,

Kristin Warner